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The ancient Romans & Greeks have been playing many games with use of feet. It is said that the roman game harpastum has been derived from the Greek game (episkyros) or (phaininda) according to Greek playwright Antiphanes (388–311 BC). These games were having resemblance with rugby football.

Initially, footballs were made of animal bladders, especially with pig’s bladders in Europe then use of leather coverings were introduced to keep the balls in their shapes. During the middle ages and early modern period copious attempts have been made to ban football games in England and some other parts of Europe.

American football may be found out in early form of rugby football. Both games have roots multifariousness football games played in U.K during 19th century. The football was grumbled at goal or run over the line in those games. Football is one the most favorite games now-a-days. The football mania may be found around the globe. Football is not only popular in school or colleges but it is also liked by adults.

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