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Exclusive Info Golf

It’s hard to find out the origins of golf as they are unclear and much debated. It is believed that the word or gouf (in scots language) is an alteration of Dutch word & or coolve which means club, bat and it is also related to the Proto-Germanic language kulth (ball clapper) and the German word &(mace or club).
Chinese records (960-1279) mention a game with the name of chuiwan with the drawing of the game which was played with 10 clubs including cuanbang, pubang, and shaobang which are commensurable to a driver, two-wood, and three-wood. On 26th February, 1297 a game has been played with a stick and leather ball in “Leonen aan de Vecht (Netherlands). The one who hit the ball with the least number of strokes in the target wins the game. This is also said that this game has been played in Netherlands for the first time in 17th century while it has been reported in Scotland before that time.
The modern golf is contemplated as a Scottish invention. No doubt that stick ball games have been played from many centuries but today the golf is played over 18 holes is invented by Scotland. Golf is a club and ball game. Golfers use many type of clubs to hit ball into each hole of golf course with the less number of strokes. Golf courses feature a unique design which consists of 9 or 18 holes. The golf is played for the less number of strokes by golfer which is known as stroke play or the lowest score in each hole during a round by the golfer which is known as match play.

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