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Hockey Tickets

Hockey Tickets, NHL Tickets with Discount Rates

About Hockey

We found various games like hockey with the ball and stick in ancient civilizations but we are unable to get the exact record when and where the hockey began. The Hurling (Irish games in1272 B.C), Beikou (Chinese game), Araucano (European game), Chueca (Indian game), Dumbung (Australina game) were resembling to hockey. A 4000 years old drawing which has been discovered from the Beni Hasan tobmbs in the Nile Valley (Egypt) described the men playing such game. Some Persian, Romans, Ethiopian and Aztecs (with their own version paganica) have also been playing same sort of games. The first proof of a team sport found in 478 B.C that was a statue of 6 men carrying hooked sticks.

The most appropriate term “Hockie” has been invented by the Irish although the term was used centuries ago for the first time but it is still being practiced by the modern world today. The Hockey Association came into being in 1875 and drew some the rules for implementation.
Hockey is a stick and ball game which is traditionally played on grass but in some countries it is played on factitious surface. There are two teams in hockey who compete each other by using their hooked sticks to push, hit and pass a hard & small ball to score by throwing the ball in the opponent goal.

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