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Lacrosse Tickets

Lacrosse Tickets- NLL Tickets with Wonderful Discount

About Lacrosse

Lacrosse roots are found in a tribal game which has played by some Americans and Indian tribes. Lacrosse has been modernized by European immigrants to its current form. Traditional lacrosse game’s rules were decided one day before the game. The game could continue for several days. Participants were not allowed to touch the balls with hands.  The games between two villages were played in open plains and 100-1000 men from villages/tribes were allowed to participate.
Lacrosse demands fast moving. Each team has 10 players at a time, 3 attack men, 3 middies, 3 defense men and one goalie. Player can score by hitting the ball from his stick in the opponent team’s goal. The other team may try to snatch the ball out of opponents stick by hitting with their stick or body. It has 4 quarters in a game like basketball and the team who makes more points wins.

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