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Skating Tickets

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Skating Tickets - Interesting Game Ice skating

The exact history of ice skates is unknown but archaeologists believe that this activity was widespread. The archaeologists came to this result due to the evidence by finding ice skates make of animal bones in various places such as Switzerland, Russia, Scandinavia, U.K and Germany. Almost a 3000 B.C. old pair of skates was discovered from the bottom of a lake in Switzerland which was made of leg bones of large animals and the ends of bones were tied up with the leather straps. schenkel(an old dutch word for skate) means Leg bones
Dutch started using wooden platform skates with flat iron bottom runners in 14th century. Skates were fixed with the skater shoes with the help of leather straps and poles were used to shove the skater.
Jackson Haines is known as the founder of modern skating today. Skate is a contest in two or more skaters. The rules of skate are almost same to the rules of the basketball games horse. The first skater will play a trick, if he lands and if it is appraised acceptable landing then all the players must have to perform the same trick. Any person who may not be able to play the trick or his/her landing is conjectured inadmissible will get the letter “S” as it is the first letter K is the second letter, A is the 3rd etc, till the word S-K-A-T-E is completed. The person who gets the full word Skate exterminates from the game. If the first player missed his trick them second player tries a trick and if he lands than all player has to do the same and the games goes on.

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