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Tennis Tickets

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Tennis Tickets - Great Sport

Tennis was created by European archdeacons for the entertainment in religious events. It is believed that tennis begun in France during 12th century by many historians. The name of the game was jeu de paume, which means "game of the hand There is another theory which tells that the name of tennis is derived from the Egyptian town of “Tinnis” beside the Nile and racquet educed from Arabic word rahat which is used for the palm of the hand.
Initially, the ball was struck with the palm of the hand. Rackets were introduced in this game in 16th century and the name of tennis was given to this game. Tennis was famous in England and France and was played only indoors where the ball could be hit against the wall. The world’s first tennis club came into being in 1872. The first tennis ball was made of wood.
The latest game of Tennis was originated in U.K. as Lawn Tennis in 19th century. Tennis can be played by anyone who can hold a racket so it is played at all levels of society. Tennis is played between two teams or players. Each player uses a racket to hit the ball to throw it in the opponents court. The player which makes at least four points and two points more than his opponent wins the game.


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